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Lipo360 + BBL in
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Contouring around your abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back.
Transfer lipo fat to enhance buttlocks.

About the Procedure

What can a lipo 360 + BBL achieve?

Patients report higher self esteem and an increase in body confidence following the surgery.

Liposuction is a fast and effective medical procedure that removes stubborn fat deposits from targeted areas of your body where diets and exercise have not been effective. Liposuction involves sucking the fat out of your body through small incisions in your skin. A cannula with small holes is passed back and forth many times through the area which contains the fat, and a vacuum sucks that fat out, and that area becomes smaller.

BBL Aka “gluteal augmentation” or “gluteal enhancement,” is a procedure that’s designed to give you a big, round booty and change the contour, size, and/or shape of the buttocks.

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Browse our Before & After Gallery and see for yourself – photos are the result of a comprehensive individual-specific treatment, including one or more cosmetic procedures, planned by our team so our patients feel comfortable and confident about their enhancements. 

Before Surgery

Is Lipo 360 + BBL right for me?

We have helped many women improve their body contour and achieve highly satisfying results. However, it is not suitable for every woman who wants it.

You should be healthy both psychologically and physically.
Certain medical issues can make breast augmentation procedure unsafe. For instance, you are not a candidate for this procedure if you suffer from cancer, bleeding disorders or autoimmune disorders. If you have body dysmorphic disorder, then also you are not a candidate for the procedure. Whether you are eligible or not can be clarified by consultation with your surgeon followed by the lab work.
You should not be pregnant or lactating.
To prevent interruption of breastfeeding and to maintain your safety, you should undergo the procedure about six months after you have delivered your baby and once you have weaned your baby off breastfeeding.
You should be undergoing the procedure out of your own choice and not under the influence of anyone else.
You should not let any person force you to have the surgery as it’s your health and your body. Since the results are permanent; hence, you have to spend your entire life with these results.
You should understand the risks associated with this procedure.
You should understand the complications and risks associated with this procedure. This helps you in making a well-informed decision about whether the procedure is correct for you or not.
You must be a minimum of 18 years of age
You must be a minimum of 18 years of age if you are getting saline breast implants and a minimum of 22 years of age if you are getting silicone breast implants.
Your weight should be in the normal range for your height.
Being overweight or underweight may increase the complications and risks of the surgery. The results of the procedure are better in patients whose weight falls in the normal or healthy range.
You should not suffer from an infection while having the surgery.
If you have an ongoing infection during surgery it may increase your risk of getting complications. This holds true for other cosmetic procedures too; for instance, liposuction.
You should understand and follow instructions given by your surgeon.
You should understand that for achieving an extremely satisfying outcome of the surgery you must follow all the instructions (both post and pre-op) as given by your surgeon. These instructions include the dos and don’ts as well. For instance, you have to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for a minimum of four weeks after and before the surgery.
Surgical Procedure

The procedure typically takes about two to three hours.


Uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. Liposuction also shapes (contours) these areas.


Aka "gluteal augmentation" or "gluteal enhancement," is a procedure that's designed to give you a big, round booty and change the contour, size, and/or shape of the buttocks.


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