Buccal fat removal


Buccal fat removal surgery removes fat from your lower cheeks, to contour the midface and make the cheekbones look more defined.

Also known as buccal lipectomy, cheek reduction surgery, or face thinning surgery, this minimally invasive surgery can create a more mature, sculpted facial contour in adults who still have a rounded, “baby face” look.

The buccal fat pad gets its name from the Latin word bucca, which means “puffed cheek.” It’s sometimes also called the Bichat fat pad, so you may also see this procedure called a bichatectomy.

These fat pads can thin as you age, but there is no natural solution for buccal fat removal: they can’t be reduced by diet or exercise, which is why this minor surgery has become increasingly popular.

Liposuction isn’t the best option for cheek fat reduction because it can damage facial nerves, but buccal fat removal can be paired with lipo in other areas of the face and under the chin, to further slim and sculpt the facial features. 

Buccal fat pad removal can also be paired with cheek implants or injectable dermal fillers, to create more sharply defined cheekbones, or with other cosmetic surgery procedures like a mini facelift or chin implant, to reduce a double chin and contour the jawline.

 We will be happy to go over what works best for you during your complimentary consultation visit.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

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