Breast lift

Breast lift surgery also called mastopexy, tightens and removes excess tissue to raise sagging breasts. This popular procedure also restores the areolas to a more perky position, and it may involve areola and nipple reduction.

Breast sagging is one of the most common concerns treated by plastic surgeons, according to a University of Kentucky study on breast ptosis.

Breasts often sag due to a loss in skin elasticity that’s caused by factors like age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations.

A breast lift alone will make you slightly smaller, as the excess tissue and skin is resected. For patients who want to remain the same size or be larger, a breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation procedures like breast implants or a breast fat transfer, to restore lost breast volume. 

For those who want to be a lot smaller, the procedure can be paired with a breast reduction.

We will be happy to go over what works best for you during your complimentary consultation visit.

Breast Lift

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