Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our staff in every position is qualified, certified & registered for their role meeting, and often exceeding the state requirements. 

At Dreams Plastic Surgery we focus on giving to our patients the best safety, care, and outcome. Focused on natural yet appealing procedures.

Based on the Dr. and their background, they will have these privileges in New York State and other states. Contact our staff for more details.

We offer financing options through third-party providers. Depending on the amount needed and the time frame, we can recommend the best option.

Yes, if you prefer to contact us digitally you can click on the “outcomes” option and complete the steps.

Each procedure and patient is different, depending on your journey we can give you approximate dates of “social” recovery and full recovery.

We offer Local and General anesthesia alternatives, some procedures can be performed on both alternatives, and some others only under general.

Our staff will be in touch with you during the full process to make sure you get and understand all the instructions. Also, you will receive an info package according to your procedure.

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